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Methodology Introduction

SharePoint Governance Methodology Introduction

The SharePoint Governance Methodology Introduction is the first step in achieving your perfect SharePoint Governance policy outcome.
In this Free 58 page guide, you will start to get a feel for what the SharePoint Governance Methodology is, and how some of the essentials such as putting together an effective governance committee and working with the interactive document really are. You will also learn key things, like you can't create governance without all the elements. Do you know absolutely everything about SharePoint?
Before your finally use the SharePoint Governance Methodology to create the perfect SharePoint Governance Policy document, you will discover and learn about what to expect along the way, how the process works, what you will need to do, what the potential pitfalls might be and finally a strategy with identified desirable outcomes from the whole process.
If you are a SharePoint Governance novice, then this is the first part of the two part process to achieving a complete and comprehensive SharePoint Governance Policy document and plan. Some of the things you may already know and have in place. As this is a comprehensive SharePoint process, you can expect many "Oh... Now I get it" moments, not just with this document, but more so with the policy document as you start to truly discover what SharePoint can really do above and beyond what you may have heard.
This is also your chance to discover and take a first look at the Islands, Streams and Bridges Information Architecture strategy for SharePoint. So again, if you are new to SharePoint or haven't heard of this perfect SharePoint IA before, you need to have a look.
This is only the first part of the SharePoint Governance Methodology and it refers to the Governance Policy and other elements such as the SharePoint Governance Site which are part of the purchased SharePoint Governance Methodology.
You can see the list of some 250+ worksheets that will make up the Forms, Process, Lists and procedures part of your SharePoint Governance Policy here.
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