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Usage On Master Page

SEO Metadata tag web part - On Master Page

‚ÄčInstalling the SEO Metadata tag web part on a SharePoint 2010 master page is very easy. Follow these simple steps.

1. Using SharePoint Designer open for edit the master page that you want to use the SEO metadata tag web part on.

2. Locate the position in the code just below the ribbon


3. Click Insert on the SPD top tabs

4. Click the expand/down arrow on the Web Part button on the toolbar ribbon



5. Select the SP Touch Group - SEO Metadata Tool in the SP Touch Group Category

6. This will insert the code for the web part into the master page.

7. You can tidy the code up by adding some top and bottom comments


8. Save your master page


9. Check it in and Submit for Publishing

10. Approve the master page