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Introduction and Download

SEO Metadata Tag Web Part for SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites

‚ÄčThe SEO Metadata tag web part is added to your public facing publishing site so search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can properly index your site within their databases.

This tool fills a gap in SharePoint 2010 which doesn't have any built-in capability for the addition of metadata tags in the HTML page headings.

The SEO Tool web part has two different modes. When the page is displayed to a user or crawled by a search engine, including SharePoint's own search engine the meta tags are completed with the information that you provide about each published page. If you don't want to complete a metadata tag or you have yet to complete the tag, it will not be used. 

When you edit the page content the web part becomes visible and you can expand it to add the details you want. Each metadata tag has a real-time online help facility, so you can fully appreciate the value (or not) in using each meta data tag for your publishing web site. 

If you only want to add metadata tags to some of your pages, you can add the web part to the necessary content pages that you require. It is much easier and more convenient to simply add it to the master page in a convenient location such as near the footer, so it doesn't interfere with your layout or content.


The metadata tags that are included with the SEO Metadata tag web part are described below.

You can click each one to see a detailed description of its use:


  • Description - <metadata name="description" contents="your content in here" />
  • Keywords - <metadata name="keywords" contents="your content in here" />
  • Author - <metadata name="author" contents="your content in here" />
  • Published Date - <metadata name="date" contents="your content in here" />
  • Review Date - <metadata name="review" contents="your content in here" />
  • Copyright - <metadata name="copyright" contents="your content in here" />
  • Robots - <metadata name="robots" contents="your content in here" />

Tutorials and Guides

 You can complete the download request below. An email will be sent to your nominated address with instructions how to download the web part. It has a SEVEN S7EPS self-installation package, so deployment of the web part and list that is used is quick and automatic. Please ensure that you read our privacy policy. Your privacy is very important to us. The email will contain a link to the download which is 807Kb.

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