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How to Use the SEO Web Part

How to Use the SEO Metadata Web Part

‚ÄčOnce you have installed the SEO Metadata Web Part and added it to your content page or master page, you are ready to start adding SEO Metadata tags to your SharePoint 2010 Publishing Site pages.

Depending on where you put the web part in either your content pages or master page, will depend on where it is displayed. If you followed the instructions provided in the master page installation guide, it will be positioned in the top right hand corner of the page below the ribbon.

When the web page is in display mode the web part is invisble, but it will be adding the metadata tags to the head section of the web page. When the web page is in edit mode, the web part is displayed in its compressed form.



To expand the web part and display the contents, click the + button and the web part will expand.


Enter the contents that you want for each metadata tag into the field below the metadata tag name. If you leave a tag empty it will not be added to the tags on the page. You can click the ? button to display help about the field or expected contents for each metadata tag.

Click the CLEAR ENTRIES to delete all the contents and reenter them or UPDATE AND SAVE to delete all the tags on the current page.

You can make modifications to which ever fields you choose and click UPDATE AND SAVE to save the content for the page.

All the details are saved to the SPTG-METADATA list. You can use all the bulk entry and modification facilities offered by SharePoint 2010 to manage and maintain your list entries and quickly shape your metadata.

It is important to realize that search engines like Google will use the description metadata tag to display a summary of your pages, the alternative is a computer generated description, which may not convey the message that you would if you were writing the description.

It is important to understand that you must click the SAVE AND UPDATE button to save all changes to the contents. If you save the page without saving any changed metadata tag contents first they will not be saved.