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Free SharePoint Downloads

‚ÄčSometimes you need a little help to improve the SharePoint tool to make it work a little harder, make it a little more robust, or simply fill in some of the gaps.

To assist you in achieving this goal we have developed some simple tools that may be of use to you.

While these tools are free for you to download and use, there is a small catch. There is a link back to this web site built in to each tool. So you will in essence be providing a link back to our site as payment for using the tools that we provide without charge. If that sounds fair, you are welcome to use the tools to assist you in achieving your goals.


SEO Metadata Tool Web Part for SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites

 This is a simple web part that you can add to the master pages of your publishing site to allow you to enter metadata for each page which may assist your SEO ranking efforts. This web part is designed for SharePoint 2010. (More...)


Exit Site Monitor for SharePoint

The web part is added to the master page and monitors user's who click links which leave the current site collection and provide a pop-up advising the user they are leaving the site. They can cancel the action or continue and open the new site in a new window or tab. (More...)