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SEVEN S7EP Deployment

Exit Site Monitor Web Part - SEVEN S7EPTM Deployment

The SEVEN S7EP deployment process is part of the SP Touch Group SharePoint Governance Methodology. It is essentailly a simplified manner that vendors of SP Touch Group Governance Methdology customers can use to deploy customizations and custom developments of enormous complexity in simple deployment packages. You can learn more about the SEVEN S7EP deployment process here.
Once you download the SEVEN S7EP deployment package called SPTG-EXITSITE.exe from the link in the email that is sent to you once you request the package from the website, you will install it, by simply double clicking the package.
You MUST be on a WEB FRONT END ROLE server logged in as a Farm Administrator.
1. Launch the SEVEN S7EP deployment package for the Exit Site Web Part
2. You will need to click the YES button to continue the installation.
3. When you are greeted with the SEVEN S7EPS SharePoint Application Setup Wizard, simply click the NEXT > button to 
continue the installation.
4. You must accept the license agreement to continue. If you don't wish to accept the agreement, the installation will cease. Once you have accepted the agreement click the NEXT > button to continue.
5. There is only one components that this installer will install. When you are ready to continue click the NEXT > button.
6. You will need to provide the URL of the web application that you are installing the Exit Site web part to. It is entered as http://yourhostname:port. If the port is 80, it does not need to be entered and it must be a root site collection. If you are using a managed path, you will need to install to the root and then move or copy the list to a suitable location.
If you enter an invalid site URL you will see a message like this:
The installation will subsequently fail and  you will need to enter the correct URL before the installer will continue.
Once the correct URL for the target site is entered, the installer will set about installing the Exit Site Web Part creating a working ready to go installation for your SharePoint 2010 Environment.
This window is displayed indicating the progress of the web part deployment. If the web part had been deployed in the past, the installation will retract and remove it automatically before installing it again.
7. Once the deployment is complete, click the FINISH button to complete the installation and clean up the files that were used in the deployment.
8. The final task, is to ACTIVATE the newly installed feature from the Site Collection Features, under the Site Collection Administration Menu in Site Settings Administration menu for this site collection.
Once the feature is active you are ready to start using the Exit Site web part.