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The SharePoint Governance Policy document is the first half of a two part story. The second part is the management and inclusion of the Forms, Lists and Processes in your SharePoint Governance Policy.
To assist you in completing this part of the Governance Policy we have embedded more than 250 office based worksheets that will become an integral part of your SharePoint Governance Policy.

It is critical that when you have finished and implemented your SharePoint Governance policy that people can formally interact with the policy processes that have been put in place. For example, in creating a Deployment Process, it is essential that you have the process in place and the requirements capturing in place to execute that set of rules within the policy.

You may well know what do to in the event of an emergency, but so you don't forget, part of your policy will be to create and record processes. What exactly is the process for a business unit to seek a granular restoration for a document which was corrupted a week ago? I think you get the point!

Once you know what the process is for recovering that document from the granular backup, you also know what the deal is regarding charge back, and so does the customer, more importantly there is a set of defined steps to execute the recovery together with who can complete the task based on the level of access and farm authentication required.

Just to round this scenario out, there is also reference to Service Level Agreements and which processes within a SharePoint Farm Operation may be considered and which shouldn't or wont be. And it's all achieved using your mouse to click the answers that suit the business to complete each governance rule.

Here is the comprehensive list of Worksheets included with the SharePoint 2010 methodology. There are more with the SharePoint 2013 version.

All the Visio diagrams can be drawn using the Visio Shapes for SharePoint originally created by VisioShapes.Net.