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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ deals with non-license related FAQ's. Please visit License FAQ's for license questions.

Q. ​What version of SharePoint is the Governance Plan?
A. ​Each Governance Plan document is configured to the Enterprise level of SharePoint. If you have Foundation or Standard there is plenty of information to allow you to repeal the information that is not applicable to your farm license type.

Q. ​How can I make backups of the document?
A. ​You will invest a considerable amount of time in preparing this document, so we highly recommend backing it up regularly. If you computer is part of a daily backup regime then that is great. If you want to back it up yourself, you can simply copy the document to a safe location or backup the whole directory.

Q. ​Can I upgrade my document if I get a new version of Microsoft Office?
A. ​Yes, you sure can. When you purchase the Governance Methodology, you purchase it based on a SharePoint Version like 2010, or 2013. While we appreciate that SharePoint is Office Server, we don't license the methodology in that manner, so you can download a plan for Office 2010 and if you upgrade, simply follow the upgrade process and once you have upgraded your environment to say Office 2013, you will be able to have the latest Governance Methodology too.

Q. ​What Version of Office do I need?
A. ​At the moment only Office 2010 is supported, as we have just finished transitioning away from SharePoint 2007 and introduced the new SharePoint 2013 Governance Methodology. The versions and combinations that are released are changing every day, so stay tuned Office 2013 versions will be available within mere weeks.

Q. What Office Apps do I need?
A. ​For the full experience you will need MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-Visio. Besides the Governance Plan there is also a huge number of additional worksheets within the Methodology which are used to provide registry information, work flows and process flows, task lists and a range of other items including a number of interactive MS-Word forms that match the Governance Plan.

Q. Can I upgrade my SharePoint Governance if I upgrade my SharePoint Farm?
A. ​Yes, you can! If you have SharePoint 2010 running today and you upgrade to SharePoint 2013, you have a defined Governance Upgrade path that will allow you to obtain the Governance Plan for 2013 and then upgrade from the document for the SharePoint 2010 farm to the new document for the 2013 farm. As your purchase includes free software assurance for 12 months, if you upgrade within 12 months from 2010 to 2013 you will only pay $299 for the upgrade. After 12 months, it reverts back to its list price for the upgrade.

Q. What is the Methodology and how can I see it in action?
A. ​It is an end-to-end process to deliver a comprehensive governance plan for your SharePoint environments. The problem is that people just don't know what they don't know. So how can you know all the things that you need to include in your governance if you use SharePoint or Administer it. To know everything is a full time role for a number of people, not just one! Take a look at the Tutorial Videos and the Table of Contents to see exactly how comprehensive these documents are.

Q. What things can we expect in the future, and are there updates?
A. ​That is the beauty of software, it's never finished and because you get updates free for the life of the product (using Microsoft's Software Lifecycle model) as we refined the products you will be able to take advantage within in your product family. There are a number of product families and your updates are free for your product family. If you have the SharePoint Governance Methodology with SharePoint Integration it is not the same as the SharePoint Governance Methodology, but you can always purchase the add-on then you will get all the updates for that product family.