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Purchasing FAQs

Purchasing FAQ's

These are FAQ's specifically related to Purchasing and Licensing. There is no substitute for the ELUA which is provided for your convenience here.

Q. ​How long does the purchase process take?
A. ​We have partnered with PayPal so your experience is virtually instant. On the odd occasion, PayPal takes a closer look at a transaction and may cause delays, but it is usually within just seconds.

Q. ​What happens during the purchase process?
A. ​Once you have made your payment via PayPal, we receive a notification of your payment and will do 2 key things. Firstly we will create a Purchase code for each product that you have purchased, secondly, if you don't already have an SP Touch Group account, we will create one. Once this all happens, usually in about 30 seconds, we will send you an email with the URL for the Closed User Group. Enter your PayPal Transaction ID and your email address so you can download your purchase immediately.

Q. Can I order using a Purchase Order?​
A. At present we don't have an automated purchase order system. You can email your purchase orders to and we will process it manually. There are a number of acceptance criteria and you must be a Government or Semi-Government entity.

Q. How many copies can I have?​
A. ​You may have as many copies as is necessary within your organization. The product is licensed based on SharePoint Farms, so you may have 3 copies for one farm, but they will all be branded as the single farm. Document synchronization may cause sub-rule selections to be overwritten once another copy is detected.