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SharePoint Governance for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 - Best Practice Model Documents

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Definition -v- Implementation
What is the correct order?
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List of Topics, all 235 in one SharePoint 2010 Governance Policy alone!
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You get Forms, Process, Procedure, List and Policy. More than 250 of them in each Methodology

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Do you need a SharePoint Governance Strategy?

Have you read all the information on the Internet only to realize that governance is a complex topic and not much fun?

Do you now realize that you don't know what you need to know to deliver that SharePoint Governance Strategy?

Do you have a deadline or want to complete the job in hours not months?

This is the easy way of completing your SharePoint Governance business requirement. The questions are already defined, you just need to ask the business to select from multiple choice answers.

With more than 230 Rules and 1,200 Sub-Rules the solution is comprehensive enough for governments all over the world. That's why they use it!

Download your comprehensive SharePoint Governance Methodology Introduction today and start doing your governance instead of studying it.

Make your first Governance decision the correct one! Because all the others rely on it!

Start by selecting the plan that suits your SharePoint Environment:

SharePoint 2010 Governance

SharePoint 2013 Governance