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Springboard Quick-Launch SharePoint Governance Plan

Springboard Quick-Launch SharePoint Governance Plan

​The Springboard Quick-Launch Series of SharePoint Governance Plans are designed so you can hit the ground running. These are concise short-form and focused Governance Plans around the configuration and User Experience aspects. Ideally, you would work with the IT Manager to define the IT elements and the business to capture the Business elements. All in all, this short-form project will deliver your business quick wins and get your SharePoint governance plan underway, really quickly, really simply.


What is the difference between this plan and the Professional Version of the plan? Just the size! The methodology and repeatability aspects of the SharePoint Governance Methodology are all included. The Springboard Quick-Launch will get you going! Very quickly you will have defined the elements needed and have commenced your SharePoint Governance journey. It's all about QUICK WINS!


Will I still need a governance committee? Well, that's up to you. This is the complete methodology so the experience that you want is controlled by you. You might find it just as easy to sit down with the people who will influence the outcomes and just get the job done quickly and simply. Sit with the IT Manager and ask the questions, meet with the business leaders and ask them the questions that they need to answer. Do you need a committee, your call!


What do I get? You will get the full SharePoint Governance Methodology experience condensed and boiled down to the configuration and user elements. Included is...

  • The Visio Shapes for SharePoint Enterprise Library (Single User License)
  • The simply point 'n' click SharePoint Governance Policy with 122 succinct rules
  • Microsoft Word Forms to assist with the maintenance of your Policy and outcomes
  • Microsoft Visio Process and User Interface drawings
  • Configuration Worksheets
  • All-in-all 136 Forms, Worksheets and Processes to support your SharePoint Governance
  • Upgrade a SharePoint Governance Policy from Office 2010 to Office 2013 without any loss of data
  • Upgrade SharePoint Versions of each Governance Plan without any loss of data

Take a look at the table of contents to see the rules and topics covered.


What do I need to know, to make this work? Not a lot! Your job is simply to ask the questions that are defined in the policy document. These are questions for the Service Custodians like the IT Department and business questions for the users. There are a series of answers that you can select from, and it is multiple choice. For example, do you use Windows Authentication for all the databases on the SQL Server that is servicing SharePoint, the only options are YES, NO, AS DEFINED IN AN EXISTING POLICY or enter your own answer provided by the person who is answering the question for you.


How do I get it? Simple visit the link below!


At Just $699 - Get your SharePoint Governance Quick Win now!