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SharePoint 2010

Governance Methodology for SharePoint 2010 (vers. 3.8.21)


Thinking of making a governance plan, is not a plan!


The SharePoint 2010 Governance Methodology contains everything that you need to create an informative and professional SharePoint Governance Policy based on selectable multiple choice answers.


As you work your way through the multiple choice Governance Rules, you will often hear yourself saying "I didn't know that" as you start to really discover the immense power of SharePoint, unlocking all the unique features and functions as you go.

# Pages :  approx. 656 (Prior to Rule Selection)
# Sections :  33
# Rules :  236 with 1200+ Sub Rules
# Worksheets :  259
SharePoint : Version 2010 / 14
Office : Version 2010 / 14
Methodology Inclusions
  Complete Governance Policy Document
  Governance SharePoint Site
Visio Shapes for SharePoint 2010
  Governance Instruction Guide and Manual
  Instruction Manual
  *Included Free Unlimited Updates
**Free Software Assurance for 12 months
With 236 Rules defined and a vast more than 1200 sub-rules, you will not need to worry about what you don't know, which is the leading cause of bad governance. Take charge and create compelling and informative governance for this potentially "out-of-control" system.  
Discover the plethora of built-in worksheets for Excel, Vision and many Word Forms, that you will be able to use to design and implement your processes, workflows, registries and forms within your comprehensive governance policy outcome. 

Governance Toolbar Tab in Microsoft Word 



The SharePoint Governance Methodology Document is an advanced and highly-interactive Microsoft Word document. It has its own built-in #toolbar tab which when displayed in Word will assist you in completing your SharePoint Governance Policy document.
  • Rule Analyzer - Immediately check to see which Rules or Sub-Rules are incomplete.
  • More Rule Information - Display a series of help and dedicated information about the particular Rule or Sub-Rule that you are working on.
  • Show/Hide Rule Options - As Rules as Sub-Rules have options and controls for those options this allows you to hide or show the tools for the options, making for a really nice clean final document.
  • Current Configuration - See how the SharePoint Farm is currently configured for any of the rules or sub-rules.
  • Build HTML Output - Turn your SharePoint Governance Policy into a number of discrete HTML pages which can be published to your SharePoint Farm so all your governance decisions are easily searched and displayed to all the users.
  • Update SharePoint Site - If you are using SharePoint to provide additional services to the Governance Committee or its members in addressing the Governance Policy, you can update the SharePoint lists and Libraries that are used by the SharePoint Governance Methodology.
  • Check for Updates - Check to see if your document has been updated. This is the content, with perhaps new rules or sub-rules based on SharePoint Service Packs, Patches or CU releases.
  • Perform the Upgrade - Allow your Governance Policy Document to be updated, while retaining all your values, to a new version of the same document.
  • Upgrade Farm Type - This allows you to upgrade from SharePoint 2010 (on-premises) to SharePoint On-Line, for example, or SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.
  • Export Contents - Allows you to export all the values that you have provided and selections made.
  • About Updates - Information from the web site. What is available, how the process works, etc.
  • About Upgrades - Information from the web site. Similar to the above.
  • Secure Rule Password - Allows you to enter sensitive information into the SharePoint Governance Policy, yet encrypt the information within the document. Whenever the document is saved, printed or converted to HTML for upload to a web site, the words "Secured, please contact the SharePoint Farm custodian for more information" are used to advise that the information can be obtained from the SharePoint Farm Custodian.
  • Linked Document Location - There are 259 worksheets that make up your SharePoint Governance Policy. These are Word Forms, Excel Spreadsheets and Visio diagrams. These can be moved from your local drive and put into a SharePoint Document Library or other shared location. This identifies where the document needs to look to find the worksheets.
  • Document Registration Details - Your details as the owner of the document information and the details of the SharePoint Farm the Governance Policy is dedicated to. 
#Not all features are active all the time, nor are they all active for every version of the SharePoint Governance Policy Document. Some features have additional payment requirements, such as Upgrade Farm Type requires the purchase of the document to match the new farm type, such as SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.  

The Rules and Worksheets included


This version of the SharePoint Governance Methodology contains 236 Rules and more than 1,200 sub-rules. There are 259 worksheets to provide the registry information using Excel, Word forms to facilitate governance process and workflows with processes defined using Microsoft Visio.

This is a list of some of the high-level titles and topics that are covered in the SharePoint Governance Methodology Policy Document. You can download the Table of contents from the link on the right.

Vision Statement Governance Guidelines​ Guiding Principles​


   Download the Table of Content
for the
SharePoint 2010 Governance
from here
​General Policy Terms Glossary of Terms​ Firewalls and Servers
​Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Authentication​ Farm Definition and Use​
​Securities and Authorities ​User Self-Empowerment General SharePoint Configuration​
Farm ​Timer Jobs and Schedules Web Application Configuration​ Site Collection Configuration​
​User Profile Synchronization Specialized Timer Jobs and Schedules​ Information Architecture​
​Project and Operational Governance Deployment Process​ Platform Launch​
​Cost Allocation Sponsorship​ Roles and Teams​
​Service Level Agreements Naming Standards​ Configuration Tools and Use​
​Content Document Management​ Provisioning
​Content Testing Addressing Operational Concerns Service Packs and Updates​
Uptake Strategy Training and Education Budgeting Community Development​
​Content Types Enterprise Search​ Search Relevancy​
​SharePoint Feature Comparison Available Site Types​ Features by Top Level Site​
​Browser Compatibility 9s Uptime Schedule​ User Profile Properties​
Farm Execution Model​ SharePoint Farm Configuration​ Site Configuration​
Communications Plan​ Change Management Process​ Site and Platform Classification​
Content Databases​ Deployment Testing​ Quotas and Reporting​
Navigation and Taxonomy​ Inter-farm Communications​ Features by Site Type​
SharePoint Timer Jobs Roles and Responsibilities​ Failover and High Availability​
​Organizational Profile Properties​    

As you select the most appropriate answers to suit your organization, your policy document will go from the multiple choice options to the completed sub-rule, as demonstrated here.





*Free unlimited updates for the life of the product which is determined by Microsoft's Software Lifecycle from the date of the official launch of the product which the governance document is about. **The Software Assurance allows a credit to a maximum of 90% of the paid price for any product upgrade. Upgrading from the Governance Methodology for SharePoint 2010 to the Governance Methodology for SharePoint 2013 has a cost equal to 10% of the highest payable software license fee at the time of upgrade within 12 months of your original purchase.