Customer Testimony

SharePoint Governance Methodology Introduction

The following are snippetts from emails that customers have sent to us. These are not the full email, and on some occassions we need to supress certain identifying information for government employees, as it is a consideration of our privacy policy.
    Secured More Work...
I have secured additional consulting work by doing a great job for my customers in an area which is desired, yet misunderstood, delivered clarity when murkiness reigns supreme, simply doing what people wanted but never understood how to get! It is always ideal to know what you don't know ahead of time.
Ian Smith
SharePoint Consultant
Sydney, Australia

  Way to go
I was asked to get something going for our SharePoint 2010 governance by the CIO. I spent about a week looking around the Internet, plenty of what I needed to do not a lot of how to do it. When I started looking I didn't know what I was in for, quickly I realized we had a way to go, then I discovered this site, it was clearly the way to go. Thank you.
Warwick Caldecott
Caliber Industries

  Simply Brilliant...​​
As a SharePoint Consultant, ​I have a number of customers. I am regularly asked to advise on SharePoint governance and usually just point the client towards google and anticipate the nightmare that is heading my way. Not anymore! I have sold a number of Governance Methodologies to those customers and now I have some additional hours each week providing professional SharePoint advice as a member of their governance committees and walking them through all the options. This has turned almost impossible into easy and fun extra income. It is simply brilliant! Thank you.
Willie J Hansterd
SharePoint Consultant

Cincinnati, Ohio

    Thank you!​
I have been a SharePoint Administrator for a number of years at the same government department. Over this time, I have seen SharePoint 2007 and 2010 installed and I have been the SysOp for both. My SharePoint Governance Policy has its own space on my desk and as a Service Provider to the rest of the department, we have rules, policies and a level of stability never seen for SharePoint before. I get more done, and more importantly, I have clarity. Thank you!
Caron Vanderweg
Dept. Suppressed

  24 Hours to complete...
I saw the claim of 24 hours to complete the governance document on your web site. I have to say, I was skeptical. But it looked really good and I haven't seen anything like it before, so I gave it ago. We have 3 SharePoint Farms, and once we got some momentum going, we finished the process in less than 6 weekly meetings, of roughly 3 hours. So we did the first Governance Policy in 18 hours, sure we had a small slick team who knew the business but I wouldn't call SharePoint experts. The process and outcome left us all pretty impressed so we are going for PB with the remaining two governance policies
Kane Jansen
IT Manager
Southern Telecom

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